We design workplace learning and performance solutions that produce measurable results.

Dawn Papaila, the President of WLP Consultants, is our Principal Consultant. When appropriate, our team is expanded using a close and well-established professional network. Our instructional design and eLearning development partners have graduate degrees in instructional systems design and have proven their ability to collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

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WLP Consultants in the business of improving employee performance and we know that training isn’t always the solution. Training helps employees who lack skills and knowledge. Performance support helps employees when there is too much information to retain in memory. Other solutions are required when work processes are overly-complex and when employees don’t receive sufficient feedback to self-manage their performance.

That’s why we begin each project by quickly determining the root cause of workplace performance issues. These are some of the methods we may use to complete this quick assessment:

  • Meet with Managers and Subject Matter Experts
  • Interview a few employees
  • Observe work being performed
  • Review existing procedures
  • Analyze quality assurance data
  • Map the work process
  • Identify how job performance is measured, tracked and reported


Our learning solutions are designed to maximize employee performance and retention and to integrate with how work is performed on-the-job. We incorporate realistic scenarios and provide employees the ability to practice their new skills and receive feedback. If the focus of training is on “soft-skills” such as communication, leadership and customer service then a variety of scenario-based role plays will prepare your employee to respond to a variety of situations. If the training surrounds new technology, then problem-based simulations will let employees practice without worrying about making mistakes.

WLP Consultants leverages the ADDIE* framework while maintaining the appropriate level of detail for each project. After we clarify the business need and understand the types of solutions that can be implemented within your workplace, we analyze our audience, complete a rapid content review and create several high level design options for our clients. Prototyping and content development are completed once a high-level design has been selected.

*Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) is a the instructional design framework taught in most graduate level university programs in the USA.


Performance support solutions provide employees access to information and examples while they are working. Examples of performance support include:

  • Quick Reference Cards
  • Check lists
  • Charts
  • Short video demonstrations
  • Short audio recordings
  • Technology for employee collaboration

Performance support solutions are often more effective and less costly than training. And, if critical tasks are performed infrequently, then performance support is imperative.