What We Do

Front-End Analysis
and Design

WLP Consultants begins each project by performing a rapid assessment of the workplace performance issues you’re trying to solve. Here are some of the methods we may use:

  • Meet with managers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • Interview seasoned and newer employees

  • Observe work being performed

  • Review existing procedures

  • Analyze quality assurance data

  • Map the work process

Once we identify the performance gaps and their respective root causes, we propose one to three high-level learning solution designs and their associated project plans as our first deliverable.

Although not required, we are typically hired to manage the development and implementation.

Program / Project Management

You can rest assured that your WLP Consultant understands all the elements required for your project to succeed.

We leverage the ADDIE framework (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). And we specialize in working with teams that deal with dynamic project schedules, constantly evolving priorities, and resource constraints.

WLP Consultants uses a cloud-based project management platform that is accessible to our client on-demand. And we deliver detailed, custom dashboards to report progress at whatever level of detail is desired.

We meet with our Stakeholders at least twice a month to report progress, issues, risks and mitigations.

Development and Implementation

We typically manage the design and development of the learning solution we've proposed. Leveraging a blended team of instructional designers comprised of a few of our client’s employees and one or more WLP Consultants has notable benefits:

  • The client’s employees learn from WLPConsultants as a form of professional development.

  • The client’s employees help us identify SMEs and navigate through the organization efficiently.