Making Work Easier as we “Fly the Friendly Skies…?”

Yesterday, when I read a US Airline Quality Rating Report, I was not surprised to see the airline that was rated dead last. You see, just last month I had the worst customer experience of my life traveling on that airline.

The short version of the story is that the last-place airline determined that I was a “no show” three days prior to my flight, sold my Economy Plus seat (which was an up-sell), cancelled my reservation, kept my money, and then charged me an additional $130 to rebook me on the same flight.

To make matters worse, they didn’t send me a text message or an email telling me that they had decided to cancel my ticket which is strange because I use their app, I’m registered as a frequent flyer, and they have all of my contact information in their system.

But I’m not posting this to bash the airline (although I admire the Canadian guy who made a viral video about them). I’m posting this because I have a passion to help employees succeed by making work easier. And the employees that I dealt with were simply set up for failure in the worst way.

Unbeknownst to me, the general policy that triggered the cancellation of my reservation is shared by most airlines and may be difficult to fix. But even if we didn’t change or modify the policy, the employees would have been far better off if existing technology and information had been used to:

– Email or text the customer alerting them that their reservation may be (or has been) cancelled.

– Provide a link to an easy-to-read explanation of what happened, why and what the customer can do to rectify the situation.

And so I am posting this as free, professional advice to the unnamed airline as a simple example of how making work easier results in making customers happier.



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