Are you Making Work Easier or Making Employees Work Harder?

At a recent “mixer,” a guy asked me what I do for a living, I proudly replied, “I improve employee performance, product quality, and customer satisfaction by making work easier!” He chuckled and sniped, “Business owners don’t want to make work easier, they want their employees to work harder to improve bottom line results.” Then he gave me his card and told me that he would be happy to help me define my strategic advantage.

Well, I’m a business owner and I am consistently looking for ways to increase productivity by making work easier. And when I was employed by a Fortune 500 company, I was a member of an elite team of “corporate systems planners” who reduced bureaucracy by making work easier. This is not a new concept. We all want to work smarter, not harder!

And so, regardless of the advice of the well-intentioned marketing consultant, I have decided to trust my instincts and have created this blog entitled, Making Work Easier. Let’s face it, in this economy, employees are working harder than ever and I believe that business owners understand that the best way to improve employee performance is by making work easier.

Now, I don’t push fads or silver bullet fixes. I don’t sell “cloud” systems and I don’t teach metaphysical “secrets” of success. That doesn’t mean that I don’t personally use SaaS or that I’ve never created a vision board. It is just means that this is neither my expertise nor my approach to making work easier.

As a Director of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), I will show you how to view your business as a system and how to improve your “primary processes.” What the heck does that mean? Don’t worry, I promise to make this work easier too.

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