7 Measures of Success for Associations

I serve on the Board of Directors of my professional organization, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Jack Phillips, our President Elect, and the Chairman of the ROI Institute, gave all Board members a book that summarizes the results of a four-year matched-pair research study on what makes some not-for-profit associations more successful than others. I just finished my copy and found it extremely informative.

If you are involved in leading an association of any size, I recommend that you purchase a copy of 7 Measures of Success for Associations, What Remarkable Associations do that Others Don’t published by ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership. It is clear, easy-to-reference, and includes a thorough description of the research methodology used in the study.

I’ll list the 7 Measures here but please refer to the book to understand the organizational behaviors that set remarkable associations apart from those that are good. And you will also want to review the comparison of financial ratios included in Appendix B.

Commitment to Purpose
1. A customer service culture.
2. Alignment of products and services with mission.
Commitment to Analysis and Feedback
3. Data-driven strategies.
4. Dialogue and engagement.
5. CEO is broker of ideas.
Commitment to Action
6. Organizational adaptability
7. Alliance Building

As one would expect, ISPI embraces continuous improvement and I was pleased to learn that we share several traits with associations that are remarkable!

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