We design custom workplace learning solutions.

Dawn Papaila, President and Lead Consultant

We begin each project by quickly defining the root cause of workplace performance issues. Here are some of the things we consider:

  • What business need is driving the request for training?
  • What data was used to identify common errors? (help desk; customer complaints; error data)
  • What have you learned from the talking to the people who do this work now?
  • How will you measure the success of this program?


Training must be efficient, effective and engaging. Here are just a few things that we determine as we design learning solutions for the workplace:

  • Can we allow each learner to move at their own pace?
  • How do we create authentic practice and feedback?
  • How can we blend technology with human interaction?
  • Do we need to track completion of training?

Training alone will not improve employee performance. We often recommend a blend of "high-tech" and "high-touch" solutions such as:

  • self-paced online learning (20 minutes of content per course)
  • video coaching platforms for personalized feedback
  • a knowledge base containing on-the-job reference materials
  • leading practice videos recorded by subject matter experts